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Shary is personalized for you. Documents are suggested based on your specific study program’s curriculum and how popular they are among students in your class.

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If you search for a document that isn’t on the platform, you can request our team to secure it for you, so you save the time of doing it yourself.

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Shary collects all study documents in one place. It is meant to be the place you can go to whether you are looking for notes or tips on choice of exchange destination or job.

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  • Help as many students as possible. Allow students to use your documents without losing control of them. Users can’t download and redistribute your content.
  • Get rewarded. Either you can make your content available for free, or you can price it. Shary allows you to act as the creator you truly are, and start monetizing your hours of work.
  • Improve your resume. On your profile you can see the number of students you have helped and what rank your profile has. A LinkedIn integration is coming soon.